Aura Photo Reading Session FAQ

How can I book an appointment to your next open studio?

Follow us on Instagram @haloauragraphic and turn on Post Notifications for our page. We announce each date on Instagram first, so if you have post notifications turned on, you will be notified as soon as we announce tickets and you can jump on our website and book your appointment right away.

Can someone else be in the photo with me?

Yes, up to 2 adults can be in one photo. Please keep in mind that we shoot on film so you will only receive 1 photo per appointment session. If you would like a second photo of the same two people, please purchase a second session. We are unfortunately not able to accommodate 3 people in a photo.


Are you available for private events?

Yes, we have a fully mobile aura photo studio that is available for private events, corporate events and brand activations. We have a team of two people that comes to your private event and builds out the studio, operates the equipment during the event, creating a meaningful + memorable experience for you and your guests. Please visit our Private Events page for inquiries.

Can I bring a small private group in to your studio?

Email us at for details.


How much does an aura photo/aura reading session cost?

The current cost of an aura reading session at one of our public open studio days is $50.


Refunds, Cancellations and Reschedules for Aura Reading Sessions.

All appointment sales for Aura Reading Sessions are final. After appointments have been purchased, we are not able to reschedule appointments or provide refunds for cancelled or missed appointments, for any reason.

If you can't make it to your appointment, you are welcome to have a friend or family member go in your place. Simply forward them your order confirmation email to show us when they arrive to the appointment and email us at to let us know the name of the person who will be coming in your place. 

Can appointments be pre-booked a few weeks or months in advance?

At this time we are not able to pre book aura session appointments weeks or months in advance.

If you are coming in to LA, please feel free to email us a few days before you arrive and we will do our best to fit you in for a session while you are in town if we are able to.

Can you take an aura photo while you are pregnant?

Yes, the process of taking an aura portrait is completely safe for pregnant women.


Can babies or small children take an aura photo?

We adore the little ones but due to the short length of our sessions, the delicate equipment involved in reading a persons energy and the 10-12 second long duration of the photo, we are unable to have babies or children under the age of 7 participate in the sessions.


Can you take aura photos of pets?

Due to safety concerns, we are not able to take aura photos of pets.


I work on the weekends, can I come in to your studio during the week?

We may be able to accommodate weekday sessions depending on our schedule. Email us at for availability. 


When is your next open studio event?

Please follow our Instagram account @haloauragraphic and turn on post notifications for our page to be notified right away when we announce the next event in our studio.


If you direct messaged us on Instagram but do not receive a response.

We apologize but due to the volume of direct messages and comments we receive on Instagram, we are often not able to respond to every direct message and comment that comes in. Answers to most general questions can be answered by reading through this FAQ page. For inquiries related to private events please go to this page


Are you able to read a persons aura from a regular photo?

We are unfortunately not able to read a persons aura from a regular photo. We use specialized photographic equipment that measures your bio-electric energy field and the process requires you to be physically present.


I had a session with you and I forget what it all means, can you email me an explanation of it all?

Readings are done in person only at our sessions.  Everyone that has a session with us receives a 4x6 informational card to take home with them that breaks down the meanings of colors and the areas in which they appear. If you forget what was said during your reading simply refer to this card as it is a great tool for you to use at home.


How does your camera equipment work?

Please book a session with us so you can come experience the process in person.