Can someone else be in the photo with me?

Yes, up to 2 adults can be in one photo. Please keep in mind that we shoot on film so you will receive 1 photo per appointment session. If you would like a second photo of the same 2 people, please purchase a second session. If you are not able to book a second session, please let us know when you arrive and we can take credit card payment in person for a second photo.


Do you do private events?

Yes, we have a fully mobile aura pod that is available for private events, corporate events, weddings, activations, and parties of all kinds. Email us at info@haloauragraphic.com for details.


Can you take an aura photo while you are pregnant?

Yes. The process of taking an aura portrait is completely safe for pregnant women.


Can my baby or small child take an aura photo by themselves?

Unfortunately not. We love the little ones but the process requires the subject to stay very still for up to 12 seconds for the photo, while putting their hands on 2 large and very fragile hand sensor boxes that sit on their lap. If the subject moves, it can cause them to appear blurry in the photo. Since we are not able to guarantee the safety of your child and of our equipment or the quality of the end product, we are unfortunately not able to take aura photos of babies or children under the age of 4, by themselves.

You are welcome to be in the photo with your small child while holding them on your lap. Please keep in mind, they may appear blurry in the photo if they move while the photo is being taken.


Can you take aura photos of pets?

Due to safety concerns, we are not able to take aura photos of pets.


Can I come to your studio anytime to get an aura photo?

Our studio is currently only open on specific days. We are most commonly open on each Sunday during the month, however that is subject to change. 


How can I find out when your next open studio date will be?

Our studio is open on most Sunday's. Please follow our Instagram account @haloauragraphic to find out when our next open studio will be.


Your events sell out quickly, how can I get a ticket next time?

We usually post tickets for the next open studio on the Tuesday before each event. So Tuesday's and Wednesday's are typically the best day to go to our website to look for an open spot. 


I purchased or received a gift card that is not paying for the whole session, what do I do?

If you purchased or received a gift card before June 13th 2018, please email us at info@haloauragraphic.com for instructions on how to redeem your gift card as our rates have since changed. This rate change will not affect you.


Can I get a refund, cancel or reschedule my appointment after purchasing?

All ticket sales are final. Unfortunately, we are not able to provide refunds, reschedules, or cancellations for any reason after you purchase your appointment.

If you can't make it to your appointment, you are welcome to have a friend or family member go in your place. Simply email them your order confirmation email to show us upon arrival. They will need this email in order to use your appointment.