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HALO Auragraphic is a fully mobile traveling Aura Photography studio based in Los Angeles that is available for special events worldwide.

Using a rare vintage camera we take a portrait of you + your aura on special instant film that is no longer in production.

Aura photography is a way to help people dig a little deeper + gain a greater understanding of themselves + the world around them. Understanding that we are all different, that we each have a unique, yet valuable purpose in this life can help bring unity, + acceptance on our planet + with each other.

We cater to PR marketing and event planners, as well as private individuals who are looking for a unique, special experience for guests at their next event. Our mobile aura photo booth is travel ready and available for your next wedding reception, corporate event, brand activation, bar mitzvah, baby shower, birthday party, Halloween party, Christmas party, New Years Eve party, Oscar party, Golden Globes party, Grammy party, wrap party, SXSW party, Coachella party, Sundance Film Festival party, Cannes Film Festival party, New York Fashion week event, or LA Fashion Week event.

Silver HALO Auragraphic Aura Photo Studio At Sexy Hair Allison + Partners PR Event in New York City

(Above: The Silver HALO Mobile Aura Studio at a private event in New York City 2018)

Our portable aura photo studio is a 12 foot x 12 foot wide Silver pod enclosure that sets up in under two minutes. All we need is a 12x12 space and access to power. Our camera and lighting equipment sets up inside the silver pod in 1 hour.

At the event, your guests step into the silver aura pod one at a time and our photographer explains the process, poses them for their photo and has them hold still for 5-10 seconds through a double exposure that transfers their electromagnetic energy on to film. The film takes approximately 1 minute to develop and guests have their aura photo on the spot.

Each guest receives...

• 1 Aura Photo on film
• A HALO gift box to keep their photo safe at the event
• Our 4x6 aura decoder card that explains the meanings of colors as well as other key points about reading auras.

Aura Photo Silver Pod and Gift Boxes At Sexy Hair Event New York City | HALO Auragraphic

Aura Photo Decoder and HALO Auragraphic Gift Box For Private Events


We are available to travel for events within the US, Canada, Europe, Asia and worldwide.

For all inquiries email us at:

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